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A cavity plate means is removably positioned between upper and lower mold plates with the upper surface of the cavity plate means flush against the upper mold plate. The cavity plate means has openings from top to bottom thereof and holds objects spaced from the upper mold plate with the portions of the objects which are to be encapsulated being in registration with the cavity plate openings. Fluid plastic is forced laterally through feed runners formed in the surface of the upper mold plate and downwardly through gates into the cavity plate openings. After the plastic has hardened, the plastic ejected from the feed runners of the upper mold plate and the cavity plate means is removed. Preferably the objects are pre-mounted on the cavity plate means, and the lower cavity plate surface is positioned flush against the lower mold plate which is uninterruptedly flat. Alternatively, the cavity plate means holds the objects against the lower mold plate which has cavities in registration with the openings through the cavity plate means.

Encapsulation mold with removable cavity plates
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July 17, 1978
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June 1, 1982
Dusan Slepcevic
1240A Mountain View-Alviso Rd., Sunnyvale, 94086
Phillips Moore Lempio & Majestic
B29D 31/00
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