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An apparatus for exercising and developing the muscles used in certain athletic endeavors comprising a plurality of elastic ropes, means for anchoring one end of each elastic rope to a stationary object, a plurality of handles made to conform in size, shape and construction to handles commonly used for golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis racquets and baseballs, and means for coupling the other ends of the elastic ropes to the aforesaid handles. To use the apparatus, a handle is coupled to one end of an elastic rope and the other end of the rope is anchored to a stationary object by a novel, fast and reliable means. Two or more ropes may be used in parallel if desired. The user then goes through the motions of swinging or throwing the handle forward in the manner customary for the particular sport. Forward movement of the handle is resisted by the elastic ropes which elongate as the applied force is increased. Repeated strokes with the handles against the resistance of the elastic ropes produces improvements in the strength and condition of the muscles used in the swinging or throwing motions.

Multi-sport exerciser
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September 10, 1979
Publication Date
May 11, 1982
Thomas J Walls
2103 May Ave., Muncie, 47302
John H Calhoun Jr
A63B 21/04
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