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A general purpose athletic shoe is described in which an outer sole is provided with integrally molded cleats of two different types. The cleats of the first type are disposed around the periphery of the sole and the cleats of the second type are primarily disposed in the remaining portions of the sole. The second cleats are generally conical in shape and extend outwardly from the sole to about half the height of the first cleats. Each of the first cleats has three surfaces extending outward from a major exterior surface of the outer sole to a flat crown which is parallel to the major exterior surface. Two of the three outwardly extending surfaces of each of the first cleats take the form of essentially flat surfaces oriented generally perpendicular to the major exterior surface and the remaining outwardly extending surface is a partial conical surface which tapers so that first cleats are widest at their junction with the outer sole and narrowest at the crown. One of the essentially flat surfaces of each of the first cleats is generally transversely oriented with respect to the sole and the other essentially flat surface is aligned with the contour of the adjacent edge of the sole.

Outer sole structure for athletic shoe
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January 17, 1980
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May 4, 1982
Jeffrey O Johnson
Schuyler Banner Birch McKie & Beckett
A43C 15/00
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A43B 13/04
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