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A method for the simultaneous and rapid quantitative analysis of biological fluids for a plurality of substances, each of which undergoes at least one reaction with a respective cognate compound. Typical substances include hormones, enzymes, and viruses. The method comprises binding each of a plurality of the respective reactive compounds onto a preselected area of a substrate carrier; e.g., to a band or spot on a carrier film and exposing the sensitized carrier to a sample of the biological fluid to permit the unknown substances contained therein to react with their respective cognate compound which is immobilized on the carrier and then removing excess of the sample from the carrier and developing the carrier and measuring the concentration of the reaction products that are at preselected areas of the carrier. The method permits the entire analysis to be automated and a sample such as a blood serum sample to be analyzed for a host of components such as enzymes, hormones, or viruses in a simple, direct and standardized procedure.

Automated method for quantitative analysis of biological fluids
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April 7, 1980
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April 27, 1982
Henry V Huang
232 S. Catalina, Pasadena, 91106
Fischer Tachner & Strauss
G01N 35/00
G01N 33/58
G01N 33/56
G01N 33/54
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