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The object of this invention is to provide a composition of thermoplastic rubber which can be extruded into fibers and films with exceptional strength and good elasticity. Current formulations of some thermoplastic rubbers cannot be extruded into fibers or films with the accompanying strength and elasticity.

Compositions of the current invention comprise 20 to 50% by weight of one of a group of fatty acids or fatty alcohols containing from about 12 to about 24 carbon atoms and 80 to 50% by weight of a member selected from the group consisting of A-B-A block copolymers, where B is poly(ethylenebutylene) and A is a thermoplastic polymer which is phase incompatible with B.

This composition of matter results in a thermoplastic rubber composition that is easily extrudable into fibers or films. Extruded fibers of the current composition can be made into elastic fabrics, elastic bands for clothing or made into nonwoven structures for use in elastic bandages or wrapping. Films of the new composition can be used to make articles such as elastic disposable diaper backsheets or shower caps.

Extrusion process for thermoplastic resin composition for fabric fibers with exceptional strength and good elasticity
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December 17, 1979
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April 6, 1982
Thomas A DesMarais
Monte D Witte
Richard C Witte
Fredrick H Braun
The Procter & Gamble Company
B28B 3/20
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