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A rotary weeding machine for the culture of plants in rows is disclosed. The machine comprises a transverse tool bar adapted to be attached to the regular three-point hitch of a tractor, two wheels mounted one at each end of the tool bar for supporting the bar above the ground, a plurality of vertical shafts mounted for rotation on the tool bar and each supporting a soil-working device adapted to cut the weeds between the rows of plants, a plurality of vertical plates mounted on the tool bar, one on each side of the soil-working devices for preventing earth and weeds displaced by the soil-working devices from being thrown against the plants, and means for coupling the shafts of the soil-working devices to the regular power take-off of the tractor.

Rotary weeding machine
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January 28, 1980
Publication Date
April 6, 1982
Normand Pronovost
256, Rte. 159, St-Tite, Co. Laviolette, Prov. of Quebec
A01B 39/08
A01B 33/06
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