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Methods and systems for effecting a variety of electronic funds transfer transactions are based upon the use of unit records containing preprinted non-machine readable data, preprinted machine readable data, and manually entered data, and conversion of such records from negotiable instruments to documentary evidence of the satisfactory completion of the transaction. By first automatically reading the encoded data on the unit record and incorporating transaction data and security information in messages transmitted from a terminal, a financial institution can verify the validity of the transaction, effect the transaction and return an authorization message containing both reference and transaction information for imprinting on the unit record. The record then evidences the satisfactory completion of the transaction, and no further document generation or handling are needed at the merchant and financial institutions involved. The record is capable of usage as a conventional negotiable instrument if terminal facilities are inoperable or not available.

Financial data processing system
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November 26, 1979
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March 23, 1982
Eric A Thomson
No. 7 Harrisburg, Irvine, 92714
Edward L Braun
4169 Via Marinia, #412, Marina del Rey, 90291
Fraser and Bogucki
G06F 15/30
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