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A percutaneous vascular access portal for implantation in a patient for an extended period of time including a cannula having a skirt at its distal end for attaching to the wall of a blood vessel and a flange at the other end to be located near the patient's skin surface and to provide a stop for catheters that are inserted therein and accurately locate their distal ends and openings in the blood vessel. The portal is provided with an obturator to block flow through the cannula when the portal is not being used, the obturator fitting snugly and sealably within the cannula and allowing for no dead space within the cannula in which blood could stagnate. Also disclosed are catheters for use with an implanted vascular access portal having elongate portions that snugly and sealably fit within the portal cannula, stops on one end of the elongate portion for contacting the portal flange, distal openings for communicating with the vessel interior when the stops contact the flange, and pointed means for puncturing the vessel wall and facilitating insertion of the catheters.

Percutaneous vascular access portal and catheter
Application Number
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April 24, 1980
Publication Date
March 9, 1982
Clarence E Zimmerman
President and Fellows of Harvard College
A61M 5/00
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