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A lightweight armored vehicle and method of making the same is shown. The interior or a standard automobile to be equipped with lightweight armor is first stripped of its interior furnishings. Mechanisms to raise or lower the windows are removed. Doors and window frames are rebuilt to rigidly mount a bulletproof transparent window therein. Vertical walls of the automobile are bulletproofed by adding lightweight woven polyglass rigidly formed with a resin-catalyst mixture. Additional bullet resistant strength may be provided by multiple layers of ballistic nylon or Kevlar bonded to the rigid polyglass. For surfaces not normally subject to perpendicular penetration by bullets, only ballistic nylon or Kevlar is inserted. Upon reassembly of the automobile, including rebuilding portions of the exterior body around the doors and windows, options such as a tear gas dispersal system can be added. A steel screen between layers of the woven polyglass adds additional bullet resistant strength. The same material may also be used for new cars.

Lightweight armored vehicle and method of making same
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June 30, 1978
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February 23, 1982
Richard C Medlin
4728 Goldfield, San Antonio, 78218
F41H 7/04
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