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Suspension system intended primarily for disposable items such as incontinent pads, disposable diapers, and the like but having other uses as well. The garment is intended to be worn about the crotch area and generally is rectangular in shape although various fold configurations in the crotch area may be utilized for improved comfort and fit. The suspension system includes two elastic strips of generally similar construction and having dimensions selected in accordance with the invention to provide the self-centering and improved comfort and fit features. The ends of the elastic strips are provided with buttons or other fastening means intended to cooperate with means provided in the garment material so that, in use, the elastic provides a vertical vector of force maintaining the garment snugly in place. Preferably the straps in use form an angle in the range of from 25.degree. to 45.degree. from horizontal when viewed from a standing frontal position. Garments of the invention provide self-centering characteristics and close fit to the perineal area resulting in a reduced tendency to leak, increased comfort and further may be used in connection with a wide variety of sizes of individuals. In addition, the invention provides a garment that can be lowered easily when changing clothes, checking for wetness or using bathroom facilities and then replaced.

Self-centering multiple use garment suspension system
Application Number
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March 31, 1980
Publication Date
February 16, 1982
Martha E Bolick
H Olevsky
W K Fredericks
William D Herrick
Kimberly Clark Corporation
A61F 13/16
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