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A cannula and guide apparatus for use in drilling and wiring fractured bones having generally scissor-like handle arms pivotally joined and having jaw extensions beyond the pivot point. A hollow tubular cannula section is mounted on each jaw extension such that when the handle arms are closed, the cannula sections meet in interlocking engagement to provide one continual cannula. The cannula sections are generally arcuate shaped to fit within converging angular holes drilled through the cortex of the bone on each side of the fracture. When the cannula sections are engaged within the medula of the bone, a wire is fed through the cannula. After withdrawal of the stylet section the wire remains to be tied to complete the fracture wiring procedure. The cannula and guide apparatus may also be used for drilling holes for the wiring operation. A flexible cable having a drilling burr on one end thereof is inserted through the medial end of one cannula section and secured by a drill clamp to a drill motor. The complementary medial end of the other cannula section is capped with a tapered pin adapted to be received into a recess in the leading edge of the burr upon completion of drilling through a solid bone.

Cannula and drill guide apparatus
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September 8, 1980
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January 26, 1982
Brian T Donohue
21 Oak Dr., Oak Ridge, 07438
A61B 17/06
A61F 17/32
A61F 5/04
A61B 17/18
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