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A fishing rod carrier device useful as a rod and reel caddy for transporting fishing rods with reels mounted on the rod. The carrier device includes a frame which is suitable for resting on relatively flat surfaces, a lower horizontal member mounted on the frame above the bottom of the frame and having a plurality of openings spaced from one another such that the openings are larger than a fishing rod handle and smaller than a fishing reel on the rod. An upper horizontal member is also mounted on the frame above the lower horizontal member and having a like plurality of similarly sized openings relatively vertically aligned with the openings of the lower member. Also included is a first vertical member mounted adjacent to the upper member and extending upwardly to an end having a handle means thereon. A support means is attached to the vertical member to maintain the vertical member perpendicular to the horizontal members.

Rod and reel caddy
Application Number
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February 19, 1980
Publication Date
January 19, 1982
LeRoy D Morin
3602 Hampshire Ave. North, Minneapolis, 55427
Kinney Lange Braddock Westman and Fairbairn
A01K 93/00
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