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Process and apparatus for ophthalmological surgery, wherein the apparatus includes a laser having a beam of power greater than 10.sup.12 Watts/cm.sup.2 in one or more very short pulses of duration between 20 and 400 picoseconds. The laser beam is focussed by a strong conveying lens on tissue to be cut and has such low total energy that an optical puncture is produced without any notable thermal action. The apparatus employs a Q-switched YAG laser, with a helium-neon laser producing a registering or alignment beam. The laser beams are applied to a conventional slit lamp to enable them to be aligned at the target tissue, an electronic pulse selector may be included to select the exact number of pulses to be applied to the target.

Process and apparatus for ophthalmic surgery
Application Number
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June 8, 1979
Publication Date
January 12, 1982
Michele Gabrielle R Griesemann nee Laporte
9 rue Alexandre Fleming, Bonneuil, Marne, Val-de-Marne
Daniele S Aron nee Rosa
28 avenue Raphael, Paris
Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein & Kubovcik
A61N 5/00
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