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An organic fibrous material such as bagasse, tree bark, sawdust, straw, peat moss, tree twigs and the like is mixed with a waxy material which is compatible with natural waxy substances contained by the organic fibrous material. The mixture is shaped into a substantially symmetrical pellet having a density of at least about 62.5 pounds per cubic foot with a maximum dimension in section of one-half inch or less in a pelletizing mill under an applied pressure whereby the natural waxy substance contained by the organic fibrous material are exuded to the surface of the resulting pellet and mixed with the added waxy materials to form a substantially uniform continuous coating over the surfaces of an organic fibrous core. The coated pellet releases more energy at a faster rate than the uncoated core when burned alone.

Fuel pellet and process for making it by shaping under pressure an organic fibrous material
Application Number
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October 23, 1980
Publication Date
December 29, 1981
Rudolf W Gunnerman
2800 City View, Eugene, 97405
Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher
C10L 5/44
C10L 5/22
C10L 5/06
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