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An apparatus for loading circuit packages having a first support surface (36) for supporting a circuit package and a pressure pad (38) spaced apart from the support surface (36) for applying pressure to a circuit package is disclosed. A second support surface (48) which is substantially in line with the first support surface supports a circuit package for unloading. The support surfaces move in a direction substantially perpendicular to the plane of the surfaces so that circuit packages are inserted straight into their sockets and removed straight from their sockets. A gravity circuit package feeder (20) feeds circuit packages onto the first support surface. A circuit package stop (54) is located at the end of first support surface opposite the gravity feeder (20). The support surfaces are inclined to the horizontal so that a circuit package comes to rest against the circuit package stop. A roller (56) is spaced apart from the second support surface (48) for applying pressure to the top of a circuit package being unloaded. The roller (56) moves from the upper end of the second support surface toward the lower end of the second support surface for ejecting circuit packages onto an unloading gravity feeder (22).

Circuit package loader and extractor
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November 13, 1979
Publication Date
December 8, 1981
Wayne K Pfaff
Kanz & Timmons
Thermalloy Incorporated
B65G 47/06
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