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Toll collection facilities for tunnels, bridges and turnpikes slow traffic, waste time and fuel, and increase air pollution. Eliminating the need for a toll payment stop would avoid this waste and reduce toll facility operating costs. A single, universally applicable system and apparatus is described that can eliminate most toll stops and simplify funds transfers. The system starts with a lump sum paid in advance to a permanently assigned collection agency's representative. This sum is inserted, electronically, into the memory of a microwave transponder-data-processor, normally kept in the vehicle. As the vehicle passes suitably equipped toll collection facilities, a toll transponder receives billing information from the vehicle transponder, calculates the toll, transmits it back to the vehicle transponder where the toll is electronically subtracted from a stored balance. If the resulting balance is not negative, a pass signal is flashed. The information stored in the vehicle transponder's permanent memory includes a vehicle-owner code, a collection agent's code and a vehicle-class code. The availability of this information and the toll, plus the procedure for increasing the pre-paid balance makes possible a computerized and automated double entry bookkeeping and funds transfer system. Security is achieved by crypto insertion codes. The stored current balance in the vehicle transponder is always indicated by a liquid crystal display.

Universally applicable, in-motion and automatic toll paying system using microwaves
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October 12, 1979
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December 1, 1981
Norman E Chasek
24 Briar Brae Rd., Stamford, 06903
Parmelee Johnson Bollinger & Bramblett
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G08G 1/12
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