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The invention relates to a diamond sintered body having a high wear resistance and making it possible to obtain a processed surface of high dimensional precision and beautiful finish as a wear resisting tool blank for use particularly in a wire drawing die, shaving die and the like, as a tool blank for use in a cutting tool for a workpiece consisting of nonferrous metals, plastics, ceramic, etc., and as a cutting tool blank for use in a glass cutter, synthetic building material cutting blade, etc., and method for producing the same, wherein a mixture comprising a diamond powder below 1.mu. and a powder below 1.mu. of one or more than two kinds of carbides, nitrides and borides of IVa, Va and VIa group metals of the periodic table, and further a powder of iron group metals is placed between a plurality of cemented carbide plates and then subjected to hot press sintering at a high temperature and high pressure under which diamond is stable thereby enabling to obtain a diamond sintered body having high properties suitable for the aforesaid uses.

Diamond sintered body and the method for producing the same
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August 24, 1979
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December 1, 1981
Shuji Yazu
Akio Hara
Wenderoth Lind & Ponack
Sumitomo Electric
B22F 00/00
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