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The present invention is directed to a method for automatically maintaining rechargeable batteries at maximum capacity and includes the steps of detecting the presence of a battery, deep discharging the battery to a predetermined level above cell reversal, recharging the battery to its rated capacity, discharging the battery at a controlled rate while measuring battery output voltage and determining whether its capacity is above or below a selected minimum, deep discharging and recharging if the battery is below the selected minimum until reversible memory effects are removed, providing a positive indication of battery failure, maintaining the full battery capacity by trickle charging, and periodically repeating the above steps to avoid onset of battery memory.

Rechargeable battery charger system for charging testing, rejuvenation and preventative maintenance
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April 27, 1979
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November 24, 1981
Sheldon A Yefsky
5033 W. Morse, Skokie, 60077
Robert M Ward
G08B 21/00
H02J 7/00
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