04301390 is referenced by 14 patents and cites 8 patents.

An automatic headlight switch for automatically turning off headlights of a vehicle a predetermined period after the ignition switch is turned off consisting of a timer coupled to the ignition switch which is started by a transient pulse from the ignition switch being turned off which after the predetermined period is coupled to a relay solenoid for deactuation thereof opening relay contacts in series between the battery and the headlight switch. Upon turning on the headlight switch, a pulse generator coupled thereto which is triggered via a transient from the headlight switch actuates the relay solenoid and thereby applies power to the headlights through the relay contacts and the headlight switch.

Automatic headlight switch
Application Number
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Application Date
October 5, 1978
Publication Date
November 17, 1981
John L Earle
2905 Crane St., Lemon Grove, 92045
B60Q 1/02
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