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A root canal treatment kit includes a lower plastic tray of polystyrene formed with recesses for accommodating root canal treatment apparatus and materials formed with an outermost lip for supporting a transparent cover and an inner lip adjacent the outermost lip upon which legs of an upper plastic tray rest. The upper plastic tray is also formed with recesses for accommodating apparatus and material installing rubber dams in connection with root canal treatment above apparatus on the lower tray. The transparent cover encloses both trays and the root canal treatment apparatus and material stored in the recesses. The rubber dams are installed, then the upper tray is removed, and then the materials and apparatus on the lower tray are used to complete the root canal treatment.

Root canal equipment packaging
Application Number
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December 4, 1979
Publication Date
October 6, 1981
Joel L Dunsky
665 Beacon St., Boston, 02215
Charles Hieken
A45C 11/26
B65D 1/34
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