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Method of fabricating attenuation sandwich panels having a central cellular core positioned between and bonded to an imperforate facing sheet on one surface thereof and a perforate facing sheet with an outer layer of porous fibrous material adhered to the other surface. The combined perforate sheet and porous fibrous material have a predetermined open surface area prior to attenuation panel fabrication. The porous fibrous surface is then saturated with a combined liquidous anti-wetting and indicator solution which coats substantially all of the fibers. The solution is allowed to dry and the opposite side is inspected for any indicator present. If indicator is detected on the opposite side of the perforate sheet from the porous fibrous material, it is removed therefrom. The components making up the panel are then assembled and bonded together to form the attenuation panel. For some applications, the perforation exposed surface of the combined perforate sheet and porous fibrous material is covered with a maskant material which covers the surface only, prior to the application of the combined liquidous anti-wetting and indicator solution. The maskant is removed prior to the inspection for indicator.

Method of manufacturing a honeycomb noise attenuation structure and the structure resulting therefrom
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December 12, 1979
Publication Date
September 22, 1981
Felix Hom
La Mesa
Frank D Gilliam
Patrick J Schlesinger
B32B 3/12
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