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A combination tool is disclosed particularly suitable for emergency rescue applications, generally composed of two pivotally connected elongate handle members having an axe head and pick head mounted respectively thereon. The handle members may be locked together to be used as a composite structure, scissored apart to perform a variety of wire cutting and clamping functions, or alternatively separated from one another to be used independently. A plurality of head attachments are additionally disclosed which may be selectively mounted onto the axe head member to adapt the tool for use as a spade, hoe, hewing adz, basher, metal cutter, strap wrench, pipe wrench, and various other tools. The head attachments are mounted to the axe head member by a rotatable locking member which provides a quick connect and disconnect means for securing the attachments to the device. A holster, shoulder strap, and shoulder harness are utilized to carry the combination tool and head attachments upon a user. These are also adapted to serve as a boatswain's chair.

Emergency rescue axe device
Application Number
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March 23, 1979
Publication Date
September 8, 1981
Phil K Tarran
John L Haller
B25F 1/02
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