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The present invention provides a central elongate highly-absorptive pad element having side panels extending laterally therefrom. The side panels may be formed as an integral part of the invention or may be formed separately and secured to the longitudinal edges of the central element. The lines of common juncture between the central element and the side panels provides flexibility so that the side panels may be folded over the upper surface of the central element for packaging and may be folded toward the back side of the central element when the invention is used. The central element and the side elements have a fluid-impervious backing upon which is placed a thin layer of flexible adhesive which will not penetrate the absorbent materials placed thereon. The central element has a highly-absorptive pad means whereas the absorptive means on the side panels may be minimal. The backing element of the central portion of the invention contains a strip of adhesive covered by a protective tape until use. A similar arrangement is provided on each of the side panels. When used, the central element is placed on the inner side of the undergarment after the protective strip has been removed. The side panels are then folded over the outer surface of the undergarment, one side panel engaging the outer surface of the undergarment, the other side panel engaging the absorptive surface of the first fold of the pad. The side panels may be of a width such that when folded over the central panel they meet along a common line rather than overlap.

Sanitary napkin
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October 16, 1979
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August 25, 1981
Rosetta M McNair
3013 Guinevere Dr., Chespeake, 23323
William F Frank
A61F 13/16
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