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Electrode for implantation in the heart, particularly for stimulating the heart muscle, including an electrode lead, a helix protruding at the end of the electrode lead near the heart for screwing the electrode into cardiac tissue, and a protective device protruding beyond the front end of the helix, during insertion of the electrode, against inadvertent hooking-in while the electrode is being inserted through a vein, the device including a cylindrical body which is axially movable within the helix, relative thereto so that it is flush with or protrudes beyond the front end of the helix during the insertion of the electrode and can be removed from the region of the helix which is to be screwed into the tissue by means of an element actuatable from outside of the patient's body in order to fasten the helix in the cardiac tissue.

Electrode for implantation in the heart
Application Number
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August 21, 1978
Publication Date
August 11, 1981
Hans Jurgen Bisping
Tittardshang 12, D-5100 Aachen-Laurensberg
Spencer & Kaye
A61N 1/04
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