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This invention relates to a method and apparatus for the separation of bitumen crude petroleum from oil bearing solid materials and the collection of all the vapors produced, as multiple fractionated hydrocarbons. In its simplest form, the apparatus consists essentially of a means for breaking up the materials into a corresponding particulate; a destructive distillation chamber, a first thermal cracking zone formed by a pair of spaced apart plates consisting of an upper perforate electrically heatable plate and a imperforate electrically heatable plate, both plates being non-rotatable, a movable uni-directional transporter mounted between the plates with a clearance fit, said transporter having a plurality of adjacent material holding compartments; a mechanism for depositing substantially equal amounts of material from the storage bin successively into each compartment; drive means for actuating the mechanism and the transporter to move the materials through the chamber; means for controlling the temperature of the plates to bring about the destructive distillation of the bitumen crude petroleum, vaporizing means of maintaining the bitumen crude petroleum in vapor form in the chamber and then collecting the various hydrocarbons in condensing distillation units.

Process and apparatus for the separation of hydrocarbons from petroleum bearing materials
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November 5, 1979
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July 28, 1981
Jaroslav J Havlik
George H Riches and Associates
C10B 53/06
C10B 1/06
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