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An electrical contact for a coaxial cable (3) includes a tubular shell (17, 35) forming an outer contact element (19, 37) and an inner socket (13) or pin (31) type contact element having a pair of laterally spaced resilient fingers (49, 63) housed in a tubular insulator (15, 33). As the tubular insulator (15, 33) is inserted into the tubular shell (17, 35), wedge blocks (85, 107) extending laterally through slots (95, 113) in the walls of the insulator, compress the resilient fingers of the contact element against the center conductor of the cable. The cable shielding (7) is splayed back over a resilient sleeve (115) at one end of a bushing (21) which slides onto the end of the cable. This sleeve is split longitudinally and is resilient such that it may be compressed radially to insert it into the tubular shell (17, 35) where it expands to press the splayed back cable shielding into contact with the tubular shell. The bushing (21) includes a second sleeve (117) split longitudinally into two halves (130, 131), each of which is joined to the first sleeve (115) in axial alignment therewith by a web (119). Outward projections (135) on each half of the resilient second bushing sleeve snap into holes (139, 141) in the tubular shell (17, 35) to lock the contact together as a unit. The insulators (15, 33) are split longitudinally into two identical halves (a and b) which are molded integrally with the wedge blocks (85, 107) and snapped together to form the housing for the inner contact (13, 31).

Socket and pin contacts for coaxial cable
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October 25, 1979
Publication Date
July 28, 1981
Valentine J Hemmer
Charles D Lacina
Raymond J Eifler
Richard V Westerhoff
The Bendix Corporation
H01R 17/06
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