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A sternum closure device is provided by a series of upper and lower clamping devices which are held by a series of threaded rod from a support. The device is used for holding together the halves of a split sternum which has previously been cut to expose the chest cavity as required for example in heart operations. The lower clamping device is positioned beneath the sternum which is then pulled together in a known manner. The upper clamping device or clamps are then pushed down on a threaded rod to cooperate with the lower clamping device with the two clamping members forced toward one another into the sternum halves by nuts on the threaded rods. The unused portion of the rods and the support are then discarded. Different forms of under-clamps are described. A sternum closure procedure utilizing the sternum closure device is also disclosed.

Sternum closure device and procedure for using same
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July 20, 1979
Publication Date
July 21, 1981
Shlomo Gabbay
2433 Tiemann Ave., Bronx, 10469
Bierman & Bierman
A61B 17/00
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