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A refrigerated cargo container, comprising no moving parts, for use in transporting temperature sensitive cargoes in aircraft. The container has six insulated walls with an insulated door along part of one of the walls, preferably the container's front wall, to provide for an air-tight container when the door is closed. An insulated bunker, having an insulated wall about a portion of its outer surface and a heat exchange portion along its bottom surface, containing a coolant such as solid carbon dioxide, is located within one of the top corners of the insulated cargo container. An air inlet duct extends along the top wall of the insulated container to one side of the insulated bunker to allow warm air from the interior of the container and the cargo to flow into the inlet duct along the top wall of the container and to pass along the side and bottom of the coolant bunker where the warm air is cooled by the heat exchange portion of the bunker. A small fan driven by a small motor may be installed along the path of the air inlet duct to increase the flow of warm air to the bunker heat exchange portion. Cool air flowing from the heat exchange portion of the bunker is then passed through an output air duct, formed by a curtain, preferably an insulated curtain, passing along one of the insulated side walls of the container to circulate cool air through the interior of the container and among the cargo being transported in the container. Vapor from the coolant, for example subliming carbon dioxide, may be passed along the top of the container through one or more insulated chimneys which is either vented to the outside of the container to allow the vapor from the coolant to escape from the container or to the inside of the container to allow the vapor to be released within the container.

Refrigerated air cargo container
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September 22, 1978
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July 7, 1981
John A Stafsnes
San Anselmo
Richard L Rose
Harold E Dittmer
San Francisco
Peter R Modler
Los Angeles
Limbach Limbach & Sutton
Pax Equipment Management
F25D 3/12
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