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A system is provided which weighs packages and applies individualized labels to each package indicating the weight of the package, the date, or other desired individualized information. A conveyor includes a weighing section where the weight of the product is converted into digital form and supplied to a data processing system. Individual labels are printed by electrostatic techniques including both bar code machine readable designations and alpha-numeric characters. The label printing and applying apparatus includes a print station, a toner application station, a fusing station, and a peeling blade for separating the label from the backing sheet, and an applicator station. As the individual labels are advanced to the applicator station, blank labels will pass under the print and toner stations, and these labels will not be charged or toned, so that the tape may be reversed and moved back to the appropriate position for applying individualized data to these blank labels. Photocell control circuits provide loops between the supply and the take-up reels and the label preparation stations, to facilitate rapid forward and reverse movement of the labels as they are printed and applied. Fusing of the toner is accomplished with a simple heated platen below the backing sheet, which fuses the toner prior to the label being peeled and applied to the product.

Individualized label application system
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
December 7, 1978
Publication Date
June 30, 1981
Oscar E Muttoni
Huntington Beach
John B French
Fountain Valley
Poms Smith Lande & Rose
Nomax Corporation
G01G 23/38
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