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A fluid control for powering and supplying coolant liquid to gas operated surgical and dental tools and for supplying irrigant to a suction-irrigation handpiece, selectively by remove control from a surgical or dental operating site. A console remote from the operating site has a pressurized gas source. The tool and an operator valve actuable for turning on the tool are located at the operating site, remote from the console. A tool gas supply at the console is actuable for supplying pressurized gas from the source to the remote operator valve and tool. A coolant supply at the console is actuable for delivering coolant liquid to an outlet tip located at the tool. Gas circuitry in the console responds to the drop in gas pressure in the tool gas supply resulting from turning on of the tool and thereby causes the coolant supply to supply liquid to the tip while the tool is running. A low pressure gas tube connects from the console to the handpiece and operator controlled means on the handpiece control flow and this pressure therein. An irrigant supply in the console is actuable for supplying irrigant liquid to the handpiece at the operating site. Further gas circuitry responds to a change in pressure in the low pressure gas tube to cause the liquid supply to supply irrigant liquid to the handpiece.

Fluid flow control console
Application Number
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September 28, 1979
Publication Date
June 30, 1981
Dee B Ranger
Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo County
Earl G Phillips
Kalamazoo Township, Kalamazoo County
Blanchard Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis
Stryker Corporation
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