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A double-wall greenhouse with flexible plastic walls is disclosed. The side walls and roof of the greenhouse form an integral tunnel-like shell about an unobstructed internal space. Opposite ends of the shell are closed by end panels. The inner and outer surfaces of the shell are formed by parallel inner and outer flexible plastic glazings which enclose the supporting framework of the shell. Similarly, each end panel has inner and outer flexible plastic glazings enclosing its supporting framework.

The greenhouse can be built in any desired length simply by increasing the number of segments forming the shell. One segment includes two spaced-apart, parallel, upright archlike structural members whose lower ends are secured to opposite parallel sills. A sheet of plastic glazing extends along uninterrupted inner surfaces of the structural members from one sill member to the other. It is secured to the outer surfaces along its edges and ends and uniformly stretched between the members. The inner glazing is attached in similar fashion to the inner surfaces of the arch members and sill members. The edges of the glazings are secured by continuous glazing strips which are inserted, together with a margin of the glazings, into continuous channels extending along the inner and outer surfaces of the structural members and the sill members. Each has two parallel channels on its inner and outer surfaces for securing glazing sheets of adjacent modules.

Double-wall greenhouse with flexible film walls
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February 22, 1979
Publication Date
June 23, 1981
Irwin R Abell
Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh Whinston & Dellett
Hartwig Hartoglass
E04B 1/12
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