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This invention relates to forceps for applying a clip to a Fallopian tube. The clip is in one piece and made of a somewhat flexible plastics material. It has two separable arms which are connected by a flexible strip: one of these arms has a catch recess in a free end thereof to face the strip, into which recess the end of one of said spring arms is pressable by elastic deformation.

According to the invention the forceps have an outer shaft to receive the clip open in a distal cut-out with the straight arm extended; the forceps additionally comprise two proximal handle members for opening and closing and consisting of a pivotally arranged two-armed closing lever. One arm of this closing lever has a distal flat face flush with the outer shaft so the forceps may be inserted through an outer trocar tube. Abutting against the straight clip arm and proximally in front of it is a projection; the other arm of the two-armed lever is pivotally connected to a rod which is axially stopped with respect to the pivot bearing of the closing lever by a proximal handle members and is distally movable and then is distally movable with the pivot bearing so that the projection of the closing lever becomes aligned against the straight clip arm and so that, by leaving the closing lever bearing in position, the rod is proximally movable to close the clip.

Forceps for applying clips to fallopian tubes
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June 20, 1979
Publication Date
June 16, 1981
Manfred Boebel
Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran
Richard Wolf
A61B 17/12
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