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A cutting method and apparatus using a plurality of impact-type laser or water jet cutters mounted on a framework above a moving web. The cutters are disposed in a spaced relationship to each other along a line parallel with the direction of web travel. By spacing the cutters a distance substantially equal to the desired product length, each of the cutters simultaneously cut from the web similar portions of one side of each of two consecutive products. The cutters are arranged so that as the web moves one product length, each of said cutters cuts from the web on the other side of a substantially central axis similar portions of the other side of said products. Embodiments include means to increase or decrease velocity of the cutters when mounted on a second framework which is also movable in a direction parallel to the direction of the web movement. Still other embodiments include means to stop or change velocity of the web relative to the fixed machine base and hence also relative to the cutters supported by the base on movable framework.

Web-cutting process
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February 14, 1979
Publication Date
May 5, 1981
William P Niedermeyer
1024 Mt. Mary Dr., Green Bay, 54301
Francis J Bouda
B26F 3/00
B26F 3/14
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