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A fabric is stretched across a sign framework to serve as a display face. Forming the framework are upper, lower and respective side support elements. Depending upon the particular version, a hinge or saddle is affixed to one or more of the support elements. A hinge pin tensioner has limited rotation and is coupled to a marginal portion of the farbric. In some versions, such hinge assemblies are included along more than one side of the framework. In others, different fasteners are employed along some of the support elements. In one particular approach, the fabric is stretched directly across a separate frame that, in turn, is hinged along a support element of the main framework, so that the frame may be swung away for the purpose of obtaining access to the interior of the main framework that usually encloses a source of illumination. At least almost every different component of the assembly is especially shaped and dimensioned so as to enable it to perform a plurality of different functions or tasks, thereby reducing the total number of components involved and the cost of assembly and installation.

Display signs
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
August 23, 1979
Publication Date
May 5, 1981
Jackson R Brooks
Ft. Collins
Hugh H Drake
ABC Extrusion Company
G09F 17/00
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