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An interactive cable television system, such as a one-way system, in which a plurality of subscribers are simultaneously provided with multi-information television programming and regular television programming independently selectably directly receivable by the individual subscribers on the television reception channels of a conventional multichannel television receiver. The multi-information television programming comprises a plurality of different program information message signals related in time and content to each other and each transmitted at a different associated communication frequency which corresponds to a different television reception channel associated frequency, with regular television programming being simultaneously provided at one or more further different television reception channel frequency. Video information corresponding to labels to be dynamically assigned to the various television reception channels associated with the multi-information television programming is provided in the multi-information packet, which labels are varied in accordance with the content of the packet. A plurality of successive individual packets and the various program information message signals contained therein may be related to each other in a decision tree relationship in a memory accumulation program format capable of providing individually tailored messages to the individual subscribers, or in a story formulation program format enabling independent story creation by the individual subscribers or in a real time limited memory type of format responsive to prior selections of the individual subscribers or in any other type of interactive conversational type of programming.

Dedicated channel interactive cable television system
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August 13, 1979
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April 28, 1981
Michael J Freeman
12 Maplewood Rd., Hartsdale, 10530
Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross
H04N 7/10
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