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A gas turbine engine in which a centrifugal diffusor is located downstream of a centrifugal compressor. The compressor air flow from the centrifugal diffusor is deflected into an axial direction by a substantially 90 degree elbow. The air flow is further decelerated in an axial-flow stator cascade upstream of the combustion chamber. A main bearing of the gas generator is arranged immediately downstream of the centrifugal compressor. This bearing is supplied from the outside through vanes of the axial-flow stator cascade. The axial-flow stator cascade is divided into groups of vanes, so that each group had a number of relatively small guide vanes and one relatively large guide vane. The small guide vanes are designed from the view point of fluid mechanics consideration, while the larger guide vane of a group is hollow for supplying the bearing. The large guide vane has a substantially longer and a substantially thicker vane profile than the small vanes. Slow ducts are provided between the small vanes on the one hand, and between each small guide vane and a large guide vane on the other hand. The flow ducts are substantially of identical geometric dimensions. The large vane and small guide vanes within the cascade assembly may be arranged so that half the relative length of profile of all vanes extend in substantially one plane.

Gas turbine engine
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September 11, 1978
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April 28, 1981
Wolfgang Weiler
Haseltine and Lake
Motoren und Turbinen Union Munchen
F01D 25/16
F01D 5/08
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