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A first plurality of concavo-convex disks are slidably received on one end of a bolt and inserted in the medullary cavity of one section of a fractured bone. The concave side of each disk is oriented toward the fracture site. A second group of concavo-convex disks are mounted on a threaded collar and inserted in the second section of the bone with their concave sides oriented toward the fracture site. The bolt is threadedly engaged with the threaded collar. An aperture is drilled through the bone wall in the vicinity of the bolt head. The bolt is turned thus drawing the two pairs of concavo-convex disks together producing axial pressure against the bone halves to draw the fracture tightly together. Each disk also includes a plurality of radially extending grooves for allowing normal marrow activity after the bone has healed.

Intramedullary compression device
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June 27, 1979
Publication Date
April 21, 1981
Ernest W Yeager
19201 N. 21st Ave., Phoenix, 85027
Walter L Roalstad
Oak Creek, Star Rte. #8, Flagstaff, 86001
Harvey B Jacobson
A61F 5/04
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