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A log sawing apparatus is described for enabling a single person to control the sawing operation at a single log sawing station. The apparatus includes means for prealigning the log with respect to a projected grid in a first plane. After being prealigned, the log is transferred to the log sawing station where the log is held stationary. A saw carriage with a main saw thereon moves past the log sawing station to cut the log lengthwise. The log is held stationary by a log holding means that may be moved laterally to progressively feed the log laterally with the sawing plane. Log rotating means is provided at the log sawing station to rotate the log 90.degree. or 180.degree. to progressively present various log sides to the sawing plane. Additionally, a second alignment means is provided to align the log with respect to a second grid pattern to align the log in a second plane normal to the first plane.

Log sawing apparatus
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December 6, 1979
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April 21, 1981
Larry M Flodin
Box 80-528, Fairbanks, 99709
Wells St John & Roberts
B27B 7/02
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