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A sole body for footwear including a longitudinally extending body having an upturned fore part extending rearwardly from the front end of the sole body which terminates in a front groove extending transversely of and in the bottom thereof. A central rocker portion is formed on the bottom of the sole body substantially midway between the front end and the rear end of the sole body and connecting with said front groove with a heel formed on the rear part of the sole body. The heel includes a compressible insert intermediate the upper and lower surfaces of the heel portion. The rocker portion is arcuate convexly outwardly of the sole body on an axis perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the sole body and extending outwardly beyond a plane connecting the outermost surface of said fore part portion and said heel whereby a roll action of the sole body is provided between the initial contact of the compressible heel and the fore part in the gait of the user.

Sole body for footwear
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August 8, 1978
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April 21, 1981
Phillip W Trask
18300-32nd Ave. N., Wayzata, 55391
Vernon A Hagg
5245 Heritage Hills Dr., Bloomington, 55437
Wicks & Nemer
A43B 21/28
A43B 13/18
A43B 13/00
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