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An elongated, generally hourglass shaped weight-cushioning device for attachment to the handles of a bowling ball carrying bag has an outer layer of relatively thin vinyl material and a somewhat thicker inner layer of foam padding material. The outer layer has a shape substantially identical to but slightly longer than that of the inner layer. In constructing the device, the layers are superimposed with an end of the first layer being aligned with an end of the second layer. The layers are then simultaneously bent longitudinally and attached by a continuous line of stitches around and adjacent the peripheral edges of the layers in a manner such that, subsequent to the attachment, the peripheral edges of the outer and inner layers are brought into congruent alignment. This imparts a slight longitudinal curvature to the device, the outer layer being curved outwardly of the inner layer. In use, the device is longitudinally rolled, foam side inward, around the abutting handle tops until an end of the device overlaps an opposite end adjacent the upper surfaces of the handle tops, the rolling being facilitated by the natural curvature of the device. Mating hook and pile fasteners attached to the overlapping end surfaces removably secure the device around the handles. The lateral hourglass indentations give the sides of the rolled device an upward and outward taper, allowing it to conform to and comfortably pad both the lower surfaces and the longer upper surfaces of the abuttng handle tops as well as their outer sides.

Weight-cushioning device for handles and method of constructing same
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January 2, 1979
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April 21, 1981
Bill Norman
14431 Galy, Tustin, 92680
Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards
B65D 63/18
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