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A functionally transformable tidal station associated with a dam having a plurality of fluid flow passageways being alternatively functionally transformable, either into a sluicing mode procedure or into a motorizing fluidic conveying procedure following either the emptying of the dam basin or the reversed filling of same. One or more rotatable and linearly displaceable hydromotive assemblies are provided, each in functional combination with one or a pair of diffusers mounted for rectilinear displacement at each side of the dam so as to act in a generation mode during an ebb tidal cycle and alternatively, during a flood tidal cycle. When acting as a sluiceway, both the hydromotive assembly and the diffusers are displaceable away from said fluid flow passageway so as to permit free passage of flowing waters therethrough.

Functionally transformable dam with tidal power station
Application Number
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October 20, 1978
Publication Date
April 14, 1981
Francisco J G Atencio
3101 Diamante, Entre Rios
F03B 13/08
E02B 9/08
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