04260169 is referenced by 31 patents and cites 3 patents.

A keyless chuck for attaching a drill bit to the rotary shaft of a drill. A sun gear is fixed to the rotary shaft and coacts with a set of planetary gears to rotate a body member having a plurality of threaded jaw members movably attached thereto. A screw ring member coacts with the jaw members to selectively cause the jaw member to open and close when the jaw members rotate relative to the screw ring member. A ring gear member is attached to the screw ring member and coacts with the planetary gears to allow the screw ring member to normally rotate with the jaw members unless substantial resistance is applied to the ring gear member to hinder its rotation.

Keyless chuck
Application Number
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Application Date
November 29, 1979
Publication Date
April 7, 1981
Robert L Hall
1770 Brookside Dr., Germantown, 38138
Walker & McKenzie
B23B 31/06
B25B 13/44
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