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The method of recovering petroleum from a subterranean reservoir preferably comprising the steps of: (1) introducing through an injection well a predeterminable amount of a polyalkylene oxide adduct of a fusible, water-insoluble organic aromatic hydrocarbon solvent-soluble synthetic resin, wherein said resin has from between about 4 to about 15 phenolic groups and is an alkyl or cycloaliphatic substituted phenol-aldehyde condensate of an ortho- or para-substituted phenol and an aldehyde, said condensate resin being thereafter further condensed with an alkylene oxide containing less than about five carbon atoms in an amount equal to at least one mole of alkylene oxide per phenolic moiety of said resin, said condensation product at about 25.degree. C.: (a) being less than about 1% by volume soluble in water and in isooctane; (b) having a solubility parameter in the range of between about 6.9 and about 8.5; and (c) spreading at the interface between distilled water and refined mineral oil to form a film having a thickness no greater than about 20 Angstroms at a film pressure of about 16 dynes per cm, the weight ratio of oxide to condensation product in a solvent-free state being between about 1-to-10 and about 10-to-1; (2) contacting said petroleum in said reservoir with an effective thin film forming amount of said polyalkylene oxide adduct; (3) and introducing into the formation an aqueous injection medium to urge said petroleum toward and through a producing well.

Method of recovering petroleum from a subterranean reservoir incorporating resinous polyalkylene oxide adducts
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June 4, 1979
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April 7, 1981
Charles M Blair Jr
Buena Park
William C Norvell Jr
Magna Corporation
E21B 43/22
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