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The specification discloses an improved shut off valve for a canister and lid assembly used as part of a medical suction apparatus. The valve includes a cylindrical plunger made of a soft rubber-like material and having an upwardly facing concave disc integrally formed on the top of the plunger. When the fluid within the canister rises to a predetermined level, the plunger floats upwardly forcing the disc into a sealing relationship covering and blocking a suction port. Alternately, the soft rubber plunger may be dimensioned for use as a plunger cap for the upper end of a hard plastic plunger.

The soft rubber plunger and integral concave disc are formed in a composite die, including a disc die and a plunger die. Rubber is injected into the composite die through a bore to form the plunger and integral concave disc. To remove the rubber concave disc from the disc die, air is injected into a bore while the disc die is simultaneously moved away from the plunger die.

Shut off valve for medical suction apparatus
Application Number
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July 10, 1978
Publication Date
March 17, 1981
Robert L Nichols
808 Ft. Worth St., Jacksonville, 75766
Richards Harris & Medlock
A61M 1/00
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