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The invention relates to a carburettor comprising a conduit with an air-intake and a fuel-introduction device in this conduit, the latter being intended to supply a carburetted fuel mixture to at least one combustion chamber of an explosion engine, and a throttle-valve means mounted in the conduit for controlling the supply flow-rate of carburetted mixture to the combustion chamber, the conduit further comprising a device with surfaces distributed over the transverse section of the conduit, this device being located in the conduit between the fuel-introduction device and the throttle-valve and providing a means of complete or almost complete vaporization of the fuel, thus avoiding inequalities of distribution of the richness of the mixture over the transverse section of the conduit, on the downstream side of the throttle-valve. The surfaces device may comprise a plurality of corrugated fins mounted in a rectilinear portion of the conduit or it may comprise a plurality of incurved fins mounted in an elbow of the conduit, or again the surfaces device consists of a nest of transverse tubes in mutually staggered relation. The throttle-valve means preferably comprises two symmetrical conjointly-operated shutters pivotally mounted on shafts transversely to the conduit.

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July 6, 1979
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March 17, 1981
Max Y A M Serruys
Young & Thompson
Agence Nationale de Valorisation de la Recherche
F02M 31/00
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