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An athletic shoe is described including a shoe upper having a toe section and a main body section joined together and to a sole portion. Preferably the toe section extends forwardly of the metatarsophalangeal joints and is of a stretchable material to permit flexing of toes within the shoe, while the main body portion is of a nonstretchable material to restrict pronation of the rest of the foot. When the shoe is laced, first and second external reinforcing strips on the medial side of the upper, respectively exert pressure on the forward and rearward sides of the ball of the foot to restrict its motion. A third such strip on the other side of such upper limits the motion of the fifth metatarsophalangeal joint and urges the ball of the foot between the first and second strips. The first and third strips also join the toe and main body sections together without these sections overlapping. A special lacing arrangement preferably including alternating wide spaced and narrow spaced pairs of lace openings enhances the fit of the main body of the shoe. The first and third strips terminate in substantial alignment with different lace openings of a pair of widely spaced openings while the second strip terminates in substantial alignment with a lace opening of another widely spaced pair so that pressure exerted by the laces on the lace openings is distributed along the sides of the shoe. Consecutive pairs of narrow spaced lace openings are provided rearwardly of the arch of the shoe to also improve its fit. A widely spaced rearwardmost pair of lace openings is provided to draw the heel of the shoe inwardly against the heel of the foot when the shoe is laced.

Athletic shoe having an upper toe section of stretchable material, external reinforcing strips and improved lacing
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May 31, 1979
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March 17, 1981
Jeffrey O Johnson
Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh Hall & Whinston
A43B 11/00
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A43B 5/06
A43B 5/00
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