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Accessory apparatus for use by a person working with weights in a body building program. Under a modern, well accepted theory muscle growth and strength can best be promoted by "high intensity" exercise which means the repetitive performance of a resistance movement to the point of momentary muscular failure. In performing a high intensity exercise, as for example in bench pressing, the exerciser may find himself trapped beneath a heavy weight upon reaching the point of muscular failure. In such case, the apparatus of the invention eliminates the need for a human partner by providing power driven mechanical device for lifting the weight, said mechanical device being put into operation by a hand or foot operated switch easily accessible to the exerciser.

Accessory apparatus for weight lifting
Application Number
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Application Date
February 5, 1979
Publication Date
March 3, 1981
Wayne S Podolak
111 Kincaid Ave., Syracuse, 13204
Bruns & Jenney
A63B 13/00
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