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Panels for cladding floors, walls and ceilings of rooms for locating ducting for carrying heating/cooling media for controlling the room temperature.

Mounting panels are formed from thermally insulating foamed plastics material with projections of different diameter in rows and columns to locate flexible tubing thereon. The mounting panels have jigsaw-like edges to allow for interlocking. The projections are solid and flat structural panels typically of steel or aluminium and adapted to be screwed or glued to the protrusions. Location of the structural panels is assisted by annular rims on the underside thereof around the screw holes, which penetrate into the projections.

Methods of moulding the mounting panels from foamed polystyrene are described and a preferred form of mould to give differential foaming.

A fixing screw having particular relationships between thread and core dimensions is described for securing to foamed plastics materials and the like.

Panels for cladding floors, walls and ceilings of rooms
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December 12, 1977
Publication Date
February 17, 1981
Artus Feist
Weidenweg 9, Bensberg-Refrath
Colton & Stone
E04B 4/58
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