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A locking device is disclosed, which comprises a hollow cylindrical body having a plurality of annularly disposed independent gripping pieces projected from one end thereof and a clamping pipe threadably engageable about the outer periphery of the cylindrical body about its side of the gripping pieces. An elastic packing pipe is provided by fitting in contact with the inner circumferential faces of the gripping pieces, and the clamping pipe is tapered about the inner circumferential face of an end portion thereof so that about the outer periphery of their top end portions, the gripping pieces can abut against and be pressed radially toward the center of the device by the tapered end portion of the clamping pipe. Also, means such as notches and/or projections directed opposite to the lead direction of the male screw of the cylindrical body are provided, by which the top end portions of gripping pieces and the tapered portion of the clamping pipe are mutually fixed. This locking device is advantageously used for locking a cable or the like to a fixing member such as a wall.

Clamping device for cables and the like
Application Number
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December 29, 1978
Publication Date
February 10, 1981
Hiroji Kitagawa
Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein & Kubovcik
F16L 21/02
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