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A safety packaging for floral arrangement comprises a platform for engagement with a container, a support rod for embedding in a floral arrangement and extending above such arrangement, a plastic bag for receiving platform with arrangement, the bag being closed about the upper portion of the support rod to provide a carrying grip. The packaging facilitates carrying of floral arrangements where the support rod maintains the integrity of the bag. The platform may be generally broader than the expected breadth of the floral arrangement to provide protection during transport. The closure of the bag prevents air exchange and insulates the floral arrangement during colder periods. A transparent bag may be used to visually display the packaged arrangement for inspection before shipment and to solicit a pleasing response on delivery to customer.

Packaging for florist arrangements
Application Number
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Application Date
August 6, 1979
Publication Date
February 3, 1981
Robert J Trimbee
1824 Jane St., Weston, Ontario
A01G 9/08
A01G 9/02
B65D 85/50
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